# Curriculum Vitae

# Work Experience

# Software Developer at eSky Group (2022-present)

Location: Remote

  • Working on Hotels and Packages sections of eSky portfolio of offerings
  • Developing microservices on Kubernetes platform, hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  • Developing projects in .NET C#; Angular; NestJS

# Senior Technology Evangelist at ABB Business Services (2017-present)

Location: Łódź, Poland

  • Collaboration with clients on the design and implementation of cloud-based and Edge-based IIoT solutions (20+) in technologies such as .NET C#, Vue.JS, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Development of tools such as Operations Dashboard used to oversee the health of IIoT Platform instances (.NET, Angular, Azure); documentation platform (VuePress, Kubernetes); SDKs (.NET) for IIoT devices and web apps
  • DevOps work on CI/CD pipelines targeting Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (Helm, Terraform, DevOps Pipelines)
  • Promotion of ABB Ability Platform with written technical articles (50+); videos (10+) and live presentations for tens to hundreds of participants (10+) (e.g. the IIoT Technology Showcase organized within ABB with partners from Microsoft and Mocana)
  • Working with people spread across 3 continents; meeting with clients within Poland and abroad (Europe, China)
  • The Annual Award for the work in 2021 (received by 3 employees out of 100+ in the project)

# Software Developer at ABB Business Services (2016-2017)

Location: Łódź, Poland

  • Development of apps with .NET WPF (5+); JavaScript (30+)
  • Building solutions based on ABB's historian database

# Education

# MSc in Automation Control and Robotics at Politechnika Łódzka

Location: Łódź, Poland

I finished my studies with the highest grade. I had graduated with a thesis titled "Design and implementation of Internet of Things System based on cloud computing model" (written in the Polish language). You can read more about my thesis here.

# BSc in Automation Control and Robotics at Politechnika Łódzka

Location: Łódź, Poland

In February of 2017, I graduated with a BSc degree in Automation and Robotics at the Technical University in Łódz receiving the highest grade.

During my studies, I have taken part in the multinational Eurobot (opens new window) competition in France with a group of students. It required designing, building, and programming of an automotive robot. Good teamwork was also necessary to join all those activities efficiently.

During my second and fourth years of studies, I was a recipient of Chancellor's Scholarship thanks to my results and achievements.

By the end of my BSc studies, I started an internship at ABB in Łódź.

# Skills

I am proficient in the following technologies:

# Languages/Runtimes

  • .NET C# - I've worked on various projects based on .NET, ranging from simple console apps and web APIs (ASP.NET Core), through microservices, running in the cloud (Azure Functions, Web Apps, Container Instnces, AKS), to desktop applications built with the WPF framework. I've started with .NET Framework, and switched to .NET Core as soon as it became mature enough.
  • NodeJS - I've been using NodeJS for various applications, such as CLI apps or web APIs (Express and Fastify, also with NestJS on top)
  • TypeScript - the best flavor of JavaScript; I use it for frontend or NodeJS apps that contain more than just a few functions.
  • Angular - I've worked on SPAs built with Angular, also in projects utilizing NgRx.
  • Vue.JS - I created numerous frontend apps using Vue.JS (I also have a lot of experience with VuePress, including creating custom plugins for it)

# Other

  • Azure - I have built numerous cloud solutions in Azure, mainly using the microservices approach. I have experience with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings of Azure. I have the following certificates:
  • Linux - nowadays, all of my server-side apps run on Linux, and I design them Linux-first. I use Linux-based OS daily on my work machine.
  • Docker - most of my apps end up as containers.
  • Kubernetes - I deployed numerous apps in Kubernetes. This website is an example of that.
  • Helm - I like packaging my Kubernetes manifests as Helm charts.
  • OAuth2
  • git
  • Azure DevOps

You can read more about me here.

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