# Who Am I?

My name is Marcin Jahn. I am a technology evangelist/developer/tech enthusiast from Łódź, Poland. I am an automation and robotics engineer by education - but frankly, I am not keen on working with robots, I much prefer software development targeting the web/cloud. I am interested in all computer things, but my main activities are in the following areas:

  • cloud
  • IoT
  • containerization
  • linux
  • frontend development
  • backend development

These are just some keywords that come to my mind at the moment. The world of IT is so huge (end expanding all the time) that it's quite hard to encompass the technology landscape that we're dealing with today with just a couple words. However, looking at the list I think it summarizes quite well what I'm doing most of the time in front of a computer.

# cirro.services

I provide software development services via cirro.services (opens new window). If you need some help with your project, consider contacting me here (opens new window).

# Technologies

Here're a few technologies/products, called out by name, that I use and have expertise in:

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