# Alpha Img

Alpha Img is a small web project that aims to solve the following problem:

During my work I often have to prepare presentations where I have to include logos of various solutions that I've used in the projects. Looking for these logos is easy in Google, however, it requires you to go and select proper filtering in Google Images search every time, making it a bit tedious.

Alpha Img is a simple search engine that returns ONLY images that are transparent. It also allows you to quickly save/copy/preview the image with a single click.

The solution consists of (the code is available on GitHub):

A public instance of the solution is deployed to Heroku at https://alpha-imgs-spa.herokuapp.com/ (opens new window). Heroku no longer offers free hosting, I'll be looking for some alternative solutions.

The web-api backend uses Google Search API to retrieve the results.

Cold Run

Heroku apps are not running all the time, but rather on demand. You can expect some seconds of delay for your first request.


The app is in a rather raw state in regards to its styling. I plan to improve that if I find some time for it.

# Technologies

  • .NET Core (C#)
  • Vue.js
Last Updated: 1/15/2023, 6:32:34 PM