# Puff

Puff is a CLI tool that solves the issue of storing app configuration files in various directories (typically, they live in various code projects' folders) making it difficult to move these files to another dev machine. Such configuration files are often excluded from version control systems due to secrets they may contain. Puff manages those files and stores them in one common location. Your apps access the configuration files via symlinks that puff creates.

For the .NET developers, these could be appsettings.json files. For the NodeJS developers, these could be .env files. Often such files contain secrets that you want to keep to yourself.

Puff is "noninvasive", meaning that your apps do not have to be adjusted to work with configuration files managed by puff. The configuration files are just replaced with symlinks (to a location managed by puff).

The tool is the most useful for those who are moving from one machine to another and want to keep their app configs with them.

Puff is a bit similar to what dotnet Secret Manager (opens new window) offers. However, the only similarity is the implementation of a general idea of keeping secrets out of the app's directory. The way how puff works is totally different from what dotnet Secret Manager does (also, puff is not dotnet-only, it can be used with any project).

# Technologies

  • Rust
Last Updated: 10/5/2022, 6:26:29 PM