Marcin Jahn's

Tech Notebook

Hi! My name is Marcin Jahn, I am a software engineer and technology enthusiast. Welcome to my notebook! You can either check out my notes about Programming and various Technologies or just check out some updates from me below.

Overview of Rust

There seems to be a lot of hype around Rust recently. Especially in the Linux community, Rust seems to be gaining popularity. One of the reasons for it is the GTK ... (Read more)


Kubernetes is such a commonly used technology nowadays that various tooling and solutions have been born around it. One of them is Helm. In one of the projects I've been worki... (Read more)

ASP.NET Core Materials

ASP.NET Core is such a fundamental technology in the projects that I work on that I decided to write an overview of it. In the process, I have looked into th... (Read more)

Angular Content

I've been studying Angular for a few weeks now. Although I've used this technology numerous times in the past (e.g., in my [master thesis](../projects/, i... (Read more)